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Pratt and Larson

Portland, Oregon

Pratt and Larson has been making custom, handcrafted tile since 1982 in the heart of Portland Or. While trends in tile change with the times our path as a company has been defined by our desire to create a beautiful product and a sense of responsibility to our employees and our customers. We take great care of every project placed in our trust and we strongly believe in the importance of a supportive and engaging workplace.

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Featured Projects

InLine Series

InLine enhances a classic shape with contemporary, linear patterning.

Consisting of 12 different 3×6 designs, InLine creates beautiful, intriguing layers of pattern and geometry when used individually or in combination.

InLine allows you to create patterns as simple or complex as you desire, the options are endless.

The InLine patterns are available in any of our monochrome glazes.

With: Belle Iskowitz & Anthony Asch

Portland Field

The surface and edge of Portland field tile reveal the unique markings acquired through the handmade production process. Portland surface markings can appear either subtle or more pronounced, depending on the glaze you select. The Portland edge is crisp yet has an organic feel. Glazes break differently along this slightly rustic edge, creating a unique effect.

Brownstone Series

This gorgeous, handmade line has an outstanding price and a fantastic lead time. The contemporary palette, textures and trims are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Brownstone is suitable for wall, counter and floor use.