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Anthology Woods

Ashland, Oregon

Anthology Woods is comprised of craftsman, creators, designers, wood-enthusiasts and sustainability proponents. We create sustainable wood products from 100% post-consumer reclaimed, salvaged, and FSCĀ®-certified woods for the Architectural and Design community. Our product lines include flooring, wall-paneling, siding, decking and fabricated components. We serve both residential and commercial applications, and sell to both contractors and project-owners.

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Retail + Hospitality
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Locally Sourced Materials
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Featured Projects

Crane Shed Commons - Bend, OR

This "instantly iconic" building recently added to Bend, Oregon features splashes of Anthology Woods FSCĀ® Certified post-consumer reclaimed teak wood wall paneling in solid wood plans. The poly finish protects the wood while preserving the natural beauty of the grain and color. A large staircase takes front and center: designed with prominence to encourage taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

With: TVA Architects

Tavolata - Seattle, WA

Atelier Drome Architecture LLP in Seattle, Washington designed the new Tavolata restaurant for Ethan Stowell Restaurants with several wood elements, including Anthology Woods' reclaimed Stout's Legacy lending to the intersection of modern, rustic, and industrial in the dining establishment.

With: Atelier Drome Architecture

Starbucks at Yosemite Basecamp

This reserve Starbucks store within a National Park features forest- and urban-recovered old growth redwood cladding from trees that fell long ago. Tight grain and classic redwood tones punctuate the space with natural wood paneling inviting you in. Pulling it all together, the construction team also created merchandising bins clad in solid wood planks as well.

With: Starbucks, Rycon Construction