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Viridian Reclaimed Wood

Portland, Oregon

We exist to give new life to the precious woods we reclaim from backyard fences, abandoned buildings and other post-consumer uses. Our specialty is supplying large projects with reclaimed wood. We achieve this by bringing you one of a kind, durable and ready-to-install paneling, flooring and tables.

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Certified Minority/Women Owned Business
Featured Projects

Gray's Restaurant - Hilton Vancouver

The renovation of Grays Restaurant drew inspiration from the breathtaking Pacific Northwest. The design features a mix of reclaimed wood including Doug Fir Tables, Good Neighbor Redwood paneling and Granary Plank paneling.

With: Siteworks Design-Build

The Archer Group Renovation

Designed by Nelson Philadelphia, this project incorporated a mix of reclaimed materials to achieve their design goals. Highlights include Jakarta Multi Dimensional paneling and Granary Plank paneling in natural, blue and custom haute pink.

With: Nelson Philadelphia

Travel Portland

IA Portland incorporated Northwind paneling into the renovation of Travel Portland's office. While reclaimed wood is generally associated with a rustic appearance, this material is 100% reclaimed and creates a modern and refined look.

With: IA Portland