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Sankofa Lumber

Portland, Oregon

Sankofa Lumber processes close to two million board-feet of reclaimed framing lumber annually for use in commercial-scale manufacturing and construction. Our wood comes from construction sites throughout the Portland area, and is modern-era lumber. Over 500,000 tons of wood products are discarded each year from construction sites in Oregon - OSB, plywood, and dimensional lumber.

We’re turning those materials into flooring, casework, wall cladding, and more!

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Featured Projects

SecondStory OSB

Oriented strand-board never looked so good! Made from construction off-cuts of all sizes and shapes, our reclaimed OSB products transform tons of scrap into tons of gorgeous interior finishes. Fully cross-laminated panels are 100% post-consumer, with two exposed faces and a visually engaging edge – perfect for horizontal surfaces or vertical partitions. Engineered panel products have a single exposed surface layer on a FSC-certified plywood backer, and are well-suited for tongue-and-groove planks, casework, and similar applications.

SecondStory Plywood

Very similar to our OSB products, these reclaimed plywood panels elevate waste to elegance. Just like the OSB, they take stains and finishes beautifully, and can provide either a refined backdrop or a stunning focal piece. (Check out the espresso-stained stair treads and creative herringbone “tile” installation!) Also available in full cross-laminated or engineered options.

Community Impact

A third of carbon stored in harvested wood products is in landfills, rather than in buildings. 45,000 tons of plywood and OSB are either burned or landfilled in Oregon every year alone. We can change that! We can also create 7-10 jobs per 1,000 tons diverted to remanufacturing value-added wood products, and offset 2.5 tons of CO2 for every ton diverted through remanufacture and reuse.

Let’s build a second story together!