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New Age Design Studio

Portland, Oregon

New Age is a design studio and art practice that explores the metaphysical nature of objects and their potential to enhance life and environment.

Every object that comes out of our studio lives a double life as a functional piece and a portal in to another reality. We obsessively select and invent materials that embody sublime and unique qualities, and attempt to combine them in new ways.

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Featured Projects

Gemstone Terrazzo

Gemstone terrazzo attempts to rectify terrazzo’s image as a cheap and often ugly building material and re-engage with the material’s past while moving beyond marble and granite as inclusions. It can be appreciated as a timeless building material that maintains a dialogue with antiquity and also as a contemporary phenomena that is only possible now due to the ability to source semi-precious stones from all over the world and mechanically hone a surface to a perfect luster.

Projection Table

In 2018, Scott Cummings from Base Modern invited Sasha from New Age to collaborate on the Projection Table under the banner of a new studio the two formed together called Body Double. The Projection Table was designed by Scott and was one of the first pieces of furniture to incorporate Gemstone Terrazzo. The Projection Table has been exhibited internationally at IDS Vancouver and locally at Show PDX, and was featured in Design Milk as well as several Canadian design blogs.

With: Base Modern

Path of Totality Cabinet

Prototyped during a lunar eclipse, this bar cabinet is an exploration of partially obscured light. The laser cut lattice work is an interpretation of the Mosharabi screens that we observed in Spanish Colonial adaptations of Moorish architecture. Uniquely figured wood is especially selected so that no two pieces are alike. Trimmed with black powder coated vintage wave emoji door handles. Inner shelf height is just perfect for storing bottles of alcohol on the bottom and glassware up top.