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Meyer Wells

Seattle, Washington

Nature's beauty is endlessly awe-inspiring. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by majestic mountains, soaring trees and gushing mountain streams. Our approach to working with wood is to capture that indomitable beauty in a well-edited composition of natural elements from responsible sources.

We select the best quality, high character materials, and carefully compose our work from what nature brings us, taming it only with clean lines and exquisite finishes. The fusion of nature and culture is at the core of our Pacific Northwest lifestyle, and it inspires our creative process, shaping our design ideas and ultimately our furniture.

We hope you find that our custom work and furniture collections bring the warmth, beauty and authenticity of nature into your living environments.

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Featured Projects

Weyerhaeuser Seattle Headquarters

We worked with Mithun's design team to create a custom suite of products for Weyerhaeuser including a live edge maple bar, maple veneered and steel inlayed boardroom table, wood walls and flooring, a custom branded fir wall, two reception desks and over 50 side, meeting, coffee and cafe tables manufactured from Weyerhaeuser's own wood.

The project was over a year in the making from design, procurement, milling, fabrication and finally installation - which included the craning in of the single slab 30' fir table to the top floor of the newly built building - from one of the world's largest privately owned timberlands.

With: Mithun

MG2 Seattle Headquarters

Working with the design team from MG2 on their new Seattle headquarters was a pleasurable experience that fueled both our creative instincts and our flexible nature. The process was a truly collaborative one that resulted in a custom suite of "me" & "we" space specific pieces for the ever-expanding and always on the move architecture & design firm.

With: MG2

929 Office Tower Lobby

To complete the high-end hospitality experience offered throughout the Bellevue high rise, we fabricated a custom suite of tech-enabled tables for the expansive lobby. Entering the space, one is immediately met with rich textiles in a myriad of textures, high-gloss finishes & floor to ceiling windows spanning the length of the ground level. Movement is encouraged and meeting spaces abound with each offering data ports, comfortable seating and warm Maple and Apple Ply tables.

The details of the space are evident everywhere; from planted dividers that provide privacy & separation, to table top steel inlays mirrored in the steel legs, branded pop-up power ports finished to match the table tops & a sophisticated touch of gold. It all comes together to offer a luxurious retreat in the middle of the urban tech sector.