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Hew Woodworking

Portland, Oregon

Our work addresses the relationships we form with our constructed environment, namely the objects that surround us. We are aggressively committed to have these everyday objects enhance our lives through meaningful interaction. As a result of thoughtful design and execution of craft, our work reveals a sense of intimacy...the story of a piece, how it feels to plop into a chair or run your hand along the bottom of a tabletop. Our practice does not negotiate the thinness of styles; rather we seek to mate timeless beauty with timeless utility.

Integral to our practice and commitment to craft are programs of research and collegiate teaching. We believe in a sensitive and responsible process to making and use only domestic hardwoods to create our new American archetypes.

Every piece is designed and handmade in our Portland, Oregon studio by Hew founder Sterling Collins, a talented architectural designer turned woodworker. Hew was founded in 2013 and is Portland, Oregon based.

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Featured Projects

Tanner Goods

Collaborated with Tanner Goods to create nested bowl sets from locally sourced lumber. Bowl sets are made from Oregon Black Walnut or Big Leaf Maple - both from the Willamette Valley. Bowls range in size from 6-10". Co-branded laser etched bottoms.

Oliver + Kit

Designed and made a line of hand crafted toys for Oliver + Kit. Oliver + Kit is a mother/daughter owner baby blanket company - to help them expand their offerings we collaborated to create a private label toy line. Each toy is hand made to exacting specifications with special attention paid to craftsmanship to make the toys last through the harsh play they may see. Extra research was needed for us and our client to ensure proper standards were met for the production of children's toys.

Damien Hirst Skull Display

We like to collaborate with other designers and makers — for this project we worked with New Age Design Studio, a local Portland studio, to create a small display box with dovetail drawer for a private client's collection of Damien Hirst Skulls.

With: New Age Design Studio